Dog Intake Surrender Form

Dog Intake Release Form

  • Date of Last Vaccines

  • Behavior and preferences

  • Does your pet.....

  • Is your pet.....

  • TO BE COMPLETED BY THE RELINQUISHING OWNERS: We certify that we own the above dog and that this dog has not shown any signs of aggression, or bitten anyone in the past ten (10) days and that the statements above are true and accurate. We agree to indemnify and hold harmless Fuzzy Pawz Rescue by, from and against all claims, suits, damages, liabilities and costs related to or in any manner connected with this dog. We further acknowledge understanding that the dog becomes the property of Fuzzy Pawz Rescue, and that they may place the dog, spay/neuter, or euthanize it as they see fit or as necessary. (If above dog should unprovoked, attack or bite someone while in our care, we would have no alternative but to euthanize.) This form also authorizes Fuzzy Pawz Rescue to acquire any and all veterinary records from the veterinarian listed above.