Our volunteers are an indispensable part of the Fuzzy Pawz Rescue family. Fuzzy Pawz relies on volunteers to foster animals, transport animals, pick-up/drop-off donations, assist in on-line activities and assist with the occasional fundraiser.

The minimum age for FPR Volunteers is 18 years old.


Each year our foster parents save the lives of hundreds of animals by giving homeless a second chance. Our foster program is designed to move animals out of shelters and into the community as a way of providing more time for the animal to get adopted into a permanent home. Our foster parent program is made up of community volunteers who take animals into their homes, give them care and help them find their “forever homes.” The rescue provides food, bedding, crates, collars, leashes, toys and medical care for the animals. The only expense to the foster family is their time and love. Get more information on our foster program and fill out an application now.


Fuzzy Pawz Rescue has foster homes through southern Idaho and northern Utah and work with shelters/pounds throughout those same areas.  We often need to get animals and/or supplies from one facility to a foster home or to take a foster dog to meet a potential adopter out of state.  In order to do this we need people who are willing to drive animals/items from one location to another.  Sometimes the transport is just across town; however it is often times hundreds of miles.  While the rescue is not in a position to reimburse transporters for their time or gas you can bet you will be repaid with lots of doggie/kitty kisses.  If you are interested in transporting for us please contact us at rescue@fuzzypawzrescue.com


We gratefully accept many types of donations.  New or gently used dog/cat toys, blankets, collars/leashes, kennel/crates, really most any animal items are accepted.  Money is also greatly appreciated to help pay for veterinarian bills.  If you have animal items that you are no longer using please drop us a note at rescue@fuzzypawzrescue.com and we will make arrangements to pick them up.  Monetary donations can be made through Social Good Network, Pay Pal or via check; please click on the DONATE button for more information.

Spread the Word

One of the biggest things you can do to help out homeless animals is to spread the word about our group; to spread the word about having animals spayed/neutered.  Talking about the homeless animal population and educating people on the problem is the only way to solve it.  So go like us on Facebook, follow our Tweets, share all of our social media with your friends and tell people about our group.